2017 STEM Forum & Expo Keynote Speaker

Derek Muller

Derek Muller (@Veritasium) is a science communicator, filmmaker, and television presenter. He is best known for creating and hosting Veritasium, a YouTube channel about science. Started in 2011, Veritasium is a science video blog featuring experiments, expert interviews, cool demos, and discussions with the public about "everything science." The channel has over 4 million subscribers. The 230+ videos on the channel have been seen more than 330 million times. Topics of videos range from how transistors work to the history of the kilogram, quantum entanglement and Bell's inequalities, to extreme demonstrations of the Magnus effect and gyroscopic precession.

Based on his YouTube success, Derek was recruited to work in traditional media, starting as a host on the Australian ABC's Catalyst science magazine program. In 2015, he hosted the award-winning international documentary Uranium: Twisting the Dragon's Tail for PBS, tracing the impact of radioactivity from its discovery through to the present. In 2016, he hosted Digits, a documentary on the past, present and future of the internet for Curiosity Stream and he is a correspondent on the new Netflix show Bill Nye Saves the World.

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