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National Science Teachers Association

Founded in 1944, the Arlington, Virginia-based National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) seeks to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all. Its 52,000-plus members include science teachers of all grade levels, science supervisors, administrators, business and industry representatives, scientists, and others involved in science education.

NSTA serves as an advocate for science educators by keeping its members and the general public informed about national issues and trends in science education. NSTA disseminates results from nationwide surveys and reports and offers testimony to Congress on science education-related legislation and other issues. NSTA is involved in cooperative working relationships with numerous educational organizations, government agencies, and private industries on a variety of projects, including the Laptop Learning Challenge.

The Laptop Learning Challenge Web site and CD-ROM were developed by NSTA, Marily deWall (Program Director), Kevin Mills (Program Manager), Shirley Watt Ireton (Director, Special Publications), and Jessica Green (Project Editor).
  • Web site design and production by Summer Productions
  • Lesson plan production and illustrations by Catherine Lorrain-Hale and Sergey Ivanov, NSTA
  • Editing and support by Beth Daniels, Sara Gebhardt, Claudia Link, and Erin Miller, NSTA

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