Lesson Plans

Habitat Dynamics
Virginia Poole
West Texas Elementary School
Stinnett, Texas

Being a good steward of the environment should be a lifelong goal. Students learn the first step in good stewardship by creating a wildlife habitat in the school courtyard or on school grounds to study ecology. Cooperative groups of students observe and record data from interactions between organisms and their environment. This natural community gives students an opportunity to use scientific process skills. Students will develop an ecological interactive diary, measure the growth of a population of organisms, and study the effects of abiotic factors. Students continue observations and data collection to confirm or disprove the prediction that consumption of seed decreased with the advent of the fall seed production.

Download Habitat Dynamics: habitat.pdf

      Life Science
Elementary Level Seaside Science
Elementary Level Habitat Dynamics
Middle Level Tree I.D.
Middle Level Worm Weather Predicted
Middle Level Exploring the Beach
Elementary Level Aquatic Field Data
Elementary Level For the Birds
Elementary Level Ant Farm
Elementary Level Watershed Biology
Elementary Level Testing the Waters

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