Lesson Plans

Controlling Robots
William Gidzak
Sturgeon Creek Collegiate
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Controlling Robots is a detailed and extensive activity in which students create practical robotic devices with a laptop computer. Teachers can use the lesson in its entirety, or just use individual units. The lesson begins with the simple programming of LED lights and progresses from DC motors to advanced stepper motors. The units cover a wide range of topics, such as motors, switches and relays. Controlling Robots requires hands-on participation, and students quickly develop an interest in programming computers, electronics, and robots.

Download Controlling Robots: robots.pdf

High School Level

Controlling Robots
William Gidzak

Community Cartography
Joseph L. Hoffman

Aquatic Field Data
Jewel J. Reuter

Mapping by Satellite
Kay I. Wallace
and Cynthia Roepcke

Amusement Park Physics
Jerel L. Welker

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