Lesson Plans

Mapping by Satellite
Kay I. Wallace
and Cynthia Roepcke

Pickerington High School
Pickerington, Ohio

Many students have heard of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) as a navigation tool, but few know exactly what this complicated technology is, or how widespread are its applications. For instance, many luxury cars use the same GPS technology as tractors. In addition to navigators, military personnel and farmers also use GPS. This lesson teaches students about how GPS technology works and why it is useful. Mapping by Satellite develops skills used in scientific research, medicine, mathematics, and even business. In this lesson, students make connections between 2-D graphs and 3-D maps, learn to generate and analyze 3-D graphs, and simulate the real world applications of GPS technology.

Download Mapping by Satellite: mapping.pdf

High School Level

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William Gidzak

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Joseph L. Hoffman

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Jewel J. Reuter

Mapping by Satellite
Kay I. Wallace
and Cynthia Roepcke

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Jerel L. Welker

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