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nervous system guide


Here are some web resources to help you and your students learn more about this fascinating topic. While we recommend them, NSTA is not responsible for their content.

  • The process of a nerve impulse is so quick that it takes a special field of chemistry to study it. There are several great simulations on the web to help you understand this process better:
  • Each year over 10,000 Americans suffer the effects of spinal cord injury:
    • You can learn more about this condition here.
    • Actor Christopher Reeve has led the efforts to research cures for this condition. Read about his fight here.
  • Parkinson's Disease is one of a series of nervous system disorders:
    • Read more about it and the efforts to find a cure here.
    • Read about the newest gene therapy treatments here.
  • When brain cells sometimes signal abnormally, the condition is called epilepsy:
    • Learn more about it here.
  • These aren't the only diseases of the nervous system:
    • Learn about others here.
  • The web is full of good stuff about the nervous system - here's a good site for kids.

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