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Contents of the January/February 2000 issue of Quantum

Feature articles

Continued fractions

by Y. Nesterenko and E. Nikishin

When close enough is good enough.
Continued fractions
Art by Sergey Ivanov

Fluids and Fault Lines

by G. Golitsyn

Why large earthquakes are rather rare.

Carl Friedrich Gauss (part II)

by S. Gindikin

More about this "prince of mathematicians."

The eye and the sky

by V. Surdin

The art of seeing distant objects.


Physics Contest: Tunnel trouble

by Larry D. Kirkpatrick and Arthur Eisenkraft

New twists on classic gravitation problems.

Kaleidoscope: Do you know atoms and their nuclei?

by A. Leonovich

Getting down to basics.

Digit Demographics: Repartitioning the world

by V. Arnold

Population and the powers of two.

At the Blackboard I: Fuel economy on the Moon

by A. Stasenko

A practical problem of no use (at present).

At the Blackboard II: The Markov equation

by M. Krein

Diophantus, Vieta, Pythagoras ... cameo appearances galore.

Informatics: Cantor Cheese

by Don Piele

A new column by an old friend of Dr. Mu.

How Do You Figure?: Challenges in Physics and Math

Brainteasers: Just for the Fun of It!

Check out this sample!

Crisscross Science

Scientific crossword puzzle.

Bulletin Board

Report on the 40th International Mathematical Olympiad.

Answers, Hints & Solutions

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