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Contents of the July/August 2000 issue of Quantum

Feature articles

Self-similar Mosaics

by N. Dolbilin

When the whole is the sum of its parts.

Catching Up on Rays and Waves

by Albert Stasenko

A rhapsody on wavelengths and the Stefan-Boltzmann law.

The Borsuk-Ulam Theorem

by M. Krein and A. Nudelman

Horsing around with continuous functions on a circle.

Algebraic and Transcendental Numbers

by N. Feldman

Thought-provoking for thousands of years.


At the Blackboard I: Sharing a Point

by I. Sharygin

At the Blackboard II: The Little House on the Tundra

by A. Tokarev

Art by Pavel Chernusky

Physics Contest: Batteries and Bulbs

by Larry D. Kirkpatrick and Arthur Eisenkraft

Kaleidoscope: Geometric Surprises

At the Blackboard III: The Enigmatic Magnetic Force

by E. Romishevsky

In the Lab: Can You Carry Water in a Sieve?

by A. Dozorov

Looking Back: Ernst Abbe and "Carl Zeiss"

by A. Vasilyev

Informatics: Chores

by Don Piele

How Do You Figure?: Challenges in Physics and Math

Brainteasers: Just for the Fun of It!

Check out this sample!

Crisscross Science

Scientific crossword puzzle.

Answers, Hints & Solutions

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