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Contents of the May/June 2000 issue of Quantum

Feature articles

Fermat's Little Theorem

by V. Senderov and A. Spivak

Proving its value to mathematicians.
Art by Yury Vashchenko

Molecular Interactions Up Close

by G. Myakishev

Distant relations.

Minimal Surfaces

by A. Fomenko

Embarking on a plane discussion.

High-speed Hazards

by I. Vorobyov

Crafting a solution.


Physics Contest: Rolling Wheels

by Larry D. Kirkpatrick and Arthur Eisenkraft

Kaleidoscope: Do You Know the Binding Energy?

In the Open Air: Sink or Swim

by N. Rodina

At the Blackboard I: The Quadratic Trinomial

by A. Bolibruch, V. Uroev, and M. Shabunin

At the Blackboard II: Who Needs a Lofty Tower?

by A. Stasenko

In the Lab: Modeling a Tornado

by A. Stasenko

At the Blackboard III: Equation of the Gaseous State

by V. Belonuchkin

Poem: The Death of a Star--Part 2

by David Arns

Informatics: Shortest Path

by Don Piele

How Do You Figure?: Challenges in Physics and Math

Brainteasers: Just for the Fun of It!

Check out this sample!

Crisscross Science

Scientific crossword puzzle.

Answers, Hints & Solutions

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