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Contents of the May/June 1999 issue of Quantum 

Feature articles

Generating functions

by S. M. Voronin and A. G. Kulagin

A method for every student's bag of tricks.
generating functions illustration
Art by Pavel Chernusky

When things fall apart

by Boris Korsunsky

Examining the stability of equilibrium. 

Karate chop

by A. Biryukov

The physics of tameshiwari

Nascent non-Euclidean geometry

by N. I. Lobachevsky

Revisiting Geometric Research on the Theory of Parallels


Physics Contest: The eyes have it

by Arthur Eisenkraft and Larry D. Kirkpatrick

Eyeball optics come into focus. 

In the Lab: Weightlessness in a magic box

by A. Dozorov

How to create a weightlessness-indicating light. 

Kaleidoscope: Can you trace the rays?

by A. Leonovich

An optical feast for the eyes. 

At the Blackboard I: Coalescing droplets

by A. Varlamov

What factors determine how quickly a pair of droplets fuse? 

At the Blackboard II: A rotating capacitor

by A. Stasenko

The inquisitive Trudy places a capacitor in a magnetic field, just to see what will happen. 

At the Blackboard III: Numerical data in geometry problems

by S. V. Ovchinnikov and I. F. Sharygin

Sometimes applying particular numbers to a geometry problem yields a simpler solution. 

Looking Back: Magnetic personality

by V. Kartsev

Hans Christian Oersted's discovery of a connection between electricity and magnetism. 

Musings: Message from Afar

by David Arns

A tongue-in-cheek poetic description of one astronomer's brush with fame when he decodes a message from an extraterrestrial civilization. 

Cowculations: Think twice, code once

by Dr. Mu

Dr. Mu ponders sawmill efficiency. 

How Do You Figure?: Challenges in Physics and Math

Brainteasers: Just for the Fun of It!

Check out this sample!

Crisscross Science

Scientific crossword puzzle. 


Bulletin Board. 

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