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Contents of the November/December 1995 issue of Quantum

Feature articles

The Importance of Studying the Physics of Sound Insulation

by Roman Vinokur

Dr. John Watson is bothered by street noise in his office, so his friend Sherlock Holmes solves that problem, and then some.

Signals, Graphs, and Kings on a Torus

by A. Futer

Ensuring clear communication by means of “error graphs,” with a toroidal side trip.

Less Heat and More Light

by Y. Amstislavsky

The “ideal black body,” Kirchhoff’s radiation law, and the challenge of efficient artificial illumination.

The Mean Value of a Function

by Yury Ionin and Alexander Plotkin

An arithmetic concept is stretched and applied in unexpected places.


Kaleidoscope: Graphs and Grafs

Leo Tolstoy and Lewis Carroll brush shoulders in this primer on graph theory.

In the Lab: A Viscous River Runs Through It

by Henry D. Schreiber

A look at the engine-saving properties of motor oil.

At the Blackboard: Smoky Mountain

by Ivan Vorobyov

Why the air is always warmer on the leeward side.

Looking Back: Georg Cantor

by Vladimir Tikhomirov

Set theory and its wide-ranging ramifications are the subject of this anniversary retrospective.

Physics Contest: Gravitational Redshift

by Arthur Eisenkraft and Larry D. Kirkpatrick

An intergalactic application of the Doppler shift.

Math Investigations: Lost in a Forest

by George Berzsenyi

A problem area inititated by the great Richard E. Bellman.

Toy Store: Hands-on Topology

by Boris Kordemsky

A baker’s dozen experiments with the Moebius strip.

How Do You Figure?: Challenges in Physics and Math

Brainteasers: Just for the Fun of It!

Check out this sample!


Crisscross Science

Scientific crossword puzzle.

Answers, Hints & Solutions

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