Animal Prey: Octopuses
by Sandra Markle

Price at time of review: $25.26
40 pp.
Lerner Publications Co.
Minneapolis, MN
ISBN: 9780822560630

Grade Level: K-8

Reviewed by Rita Hoots

This volume is part of a six-book Lerner series describing animal prey and is an NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book for 2008. Each book describes the animals, questions how the prey use their specific features to survive in their environment, and explains how they are able to elude predators. Clear narrative details the defensive strategies used by the prey animals and each animal species' place within the food chain of life. Octopuses, for instance, hide in a cloud of ink.

The book captures the habitual patterns and behaviors of the organisms and describes how the animals maintain the species through reproduction. The photographs are superb, and the audience of third through sixth graders will love the pictures and want to touch the creatures. There are questions that will encourage readers to refer back to pictures to pick out specific features on the subjects. The glossary is both useful and concise. These animal prey books will enrich the classroom and library.

Review posted on 5/7/2007

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