The Story of Science: Einstein Adds a New Dimension
by Joy Hakim

Price at time of review: $27.95
256 pp.
Smithsonian Books
New York, NY
ISBN: 9781588341624

Grade Level: 5-12

Reviewed by Juliana Texley
NSTA Web Field Editor

Textbook? Novel? Joy Hakim's books are always a little of both, and this one is even more fascinating than the previous two editions of The Story of Science. This volume begins with Einstein toiling in the patent office, about to produce the amazing insights of his "miracle year." Then, interwoven throughout the story, are the contributions of the other physicists and chemists upon whose shoulders Einstein stood.

Like all of Hakim's books, this one is filled with anecdotes, historical context, and deeper insights into the real methods of science than any other textbook has ever offered to students at this level. And most importantly, it is a joy to read! In a strict sense, this book should be seen as a foundational text for an integrated program of physical science---ideally at grade 9 or 10. There will be no mathematical barrier at this level, but there are many opportunities to link math, language arts, social studies, and the arts to the book. It would be the ideal choice as a book for a teamed middle school. But don't relegate it to the textbook selection process. Wrap it up for your vacation reading. I guarantee you'll learn more about physical science, about Einstein and his peers, and about the grand endeavor we call science, than you ever imagined---in the most pleasant way possible.This book is an NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book for 2008.

Review posted on 5/7/2007

Customer Reviews
Excellent Resource Book for Teachers and Students
  Reviewed by: Jane Hunn (North Manchester, IN) on July 30, 2008
  This book can be read cover to cover for background information on physics. It could also be used as a reference book for research on separate topics. I especially liked the way Hakim linked figures through the use of timelines and stories. It made the very difficult topics easier to read and very interesting.

Hakim strikes the right chord
  Reviewed by: Joyce Sharp (Lewisville, NC) on July 15, 2008
  Excellent book with keen insights into how scientists work and think. The historical time lines, graphics and personal reminiscence create a deeper portrayal of what it means to be a scientist. The link to imagination and creativity, the excitement of discovery will inspire new generations of theorists. Every secondary school library needs all three books in this series. Beautiful work. Thank you, Joy Hakim!

Einstein Adds a New Dimension
  Reviewed by: John Sweeney (Cordova, TN) on November 2, 2007
  This series of books is written at a level which is supposed to make science accessible to high school level students. In that regard it certainly hits the mark. However, this same selling point should be a reason for the book to be picked up by the average adult of any age. There is scarcly an American alive today who posseses this level of scientific understanding. Einstein Adds a New Dimension can make nearly anyone at least conversant on the subject of modern scientific knowledge.

An incredible read
  Reviewed by: Jane (Rocky Point, NY) on November 1, 2007
  Joy Hakim has a unique voice. She makes science (and history) come alive for the reader!

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