Map: Satellite
by Philip Eales

Price at time of review: $40
360 pp.
Dorling Kindersley, Inc.
New York, NY
ISBN: 9780756626419

Grade Level: 7-12

Reviewed by CBC Reviewer

This book contains fantastic images of Earth from space, illustrating phenomena such as Arctic ice anomalies, ozone depletion, and seasonal changes. Readers can easily visualize coastlines, mountain ranges, fault systems, rivers, lakes, and other landscape phenomena. Many world cities are highlighted, illustrating their development respective to their geology and geographic setting. Although many of these images are available on the internet, the true value of this book is bringing them together in an  organized format, through which students can be introduced to the field. It's easy to imagine inquiry-focused investigations that would involve careful examination of the photos in this NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book. The book can become a leaping-off point to more detailed investigations of specific locations or landforms using web resources.

Review posted on 3/5/2008

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