Belly-Busting Worm Invasions!
by Thomasine E. Lewis Tilden

64 pp.
Scholastic Inc.
New York, NY
ISBN: 9780531120682

Grade Level: 6-12

Reviewed by Juliana Texley
NSTA Web Field Editor

Imagine a 4-foot-long guinea worm in your leg, or perhaps a pea-shaped tapeworm in your brain. These true-life case studies just might repulse you, but they’ll also completely intrigue your students! This NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book includes parasite-related historical information, news, and career possibilities and is part of the 24/7 Science Behind the Scenes Medical Files series.

Although several of the photos in the book are disturbing, showing the effects of parasitic disease,  the emphasis is on the research of medical detectives and the great progress that can be achieved. Sidebars about Dr. Pamela Nagami, infectious disease physician, are combined with outstanding information on what would be required for someone to aspire to that profession (including "take as many biology, chemistry, physics, health, and math classes as you can") to provide an above-average career guide woven through these stories of medical mysteries around the world.

The book will be fascinating to middle and high school students, who might be first attracted to its exciting and exotic topic. But they will remain glued to the great mix of text and graphics with links to geography and sociology.

Review posted on 3/5/2008

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