Guess What is Growing Inside This Egg
by Mia Posada

Price at time of review: $15.95
32 pp.
Millbrook Press
New York, NY
ISBN: 08223561921

Grade Level: K-3

Reviewed by Juliana Texley
NSTA Web Field Editor

Mia Posada's NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book just begs to be read aloud to primary students. Its rhyming couplets don't sacrifice great science for sound. Giant double-page diagrams can easily be shared in a reading circle. Readers are given rhyming clues to help them guess which animals are growing inside the eggs depicted in illustrations. Eggs of birds, reptiles, spiders, and mollusks are featured. Answers are given on subsequent pages, with additional information about each featured species to help the teacher or narrator expand on the inevitable discussion and answer questions. Scaled pictures provide size comparisons of eggs.

It's easy to imagine introducing this book, then placing it near a classroom incubator at a center to be read again and again. The book's timeline of development of duck eggs is ideal for such a center, while outlines of actual sizes will help students conceptualize their development. This book fits nicely into any curriculum that includes life cycles or adaptations.

Review posted on 3/10/2008

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