Microscopes and Telescopes
by Rebecca Stefoff

Price at time of review: $39.93
128 pp.
Marshall Cavendish Corporation
Tarrytown, NY
ISBN: 9780761422303

Grade Level: 5-8

Reviewed by CBC Reviewer

"It started with spectacles." From tiny worlds too small to be seen by the unaided eye to the vastness of space, this book explores the history of microscopes and telescopes that changed the world as we see it. This NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book traces the development of optical instruments from ancient times through Galileo, and visualizes the future through new microscopes and the space telescope. The text, photographs, and diagrams take readers far deeper than most textbook summaries. Historical details (like the fact that there was really no single inventor of the telescope) will challenge preconceptions. The diagrams include Leeuwenhoek's "animacules" and images from micro- and deep space. This is not only good background for users in biology and space science but a great source of information about the relationship between science and technology.

Review posted on 3/6/2008

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