The Sourcebook for Teaching Science
by Norman Herr

Price at time of review: $32.95
584 pp.
Jossey-Bass Inc.
San Francisco, CA
ISBN: 9780787972981

Grade Level: 6-12

Reviewed by Lori Cirucci
Science Teacher

The Sourcebook for Teaching Science is an amazing book! It contains more than 230 classroom-ready activities to enhance the teaching and learning of biology, physics, chemistry, and the geosciences. Not only does this book offer specific ways to enhance science but it also provides theoretical background and practical applications for the concepts. This makes it relevant and current for students.

This resource offers new and experienced teachers a variety of strategies and ideas that will enhance their teaching. The sections focus on nurturing scientific literacy, cultivating scientific reasoning, enhancing scientific understanding, developing scientific problem-solving skills, building scientific research skills, and  resources for teaching science. This last section summarizes the most important strategies for teaching science, planning lessons, managing the lab process, and implementing standards-based assessments.

Each section offers experiments, demonstrations, illustrations, games, and lessons. These activities, along with key information and lessons to support their implementation, help students develop scientific literacy, problem-solving skills, reasoning abilities, and research skills. A companion website designed by the author provides quickly accessible links to chapter titles in the book along with curricular resources. This book is a “must-have” for any science teacher, whether new or veteran!

Review posted on 1/14/2009

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