Nic Bishop Frogs
by Nic Bishop;

Price at time of review: $17.99
48 pp.
Scholastic Inc.
New York, NY
ISBN: 0439877555

Grade Level: K-4

Reviewed by CBC Reviewer

Remarkably detailed photographs and captivating text have earned this book an NSTA/CBC award as an Outstanding Science Trade Book for 2009. Nic Bishop’s study of frogs is documented through astonishing, close-up photos and accurate text. Unusual facts (such as "a few frogs can freeze partly solid!") as well as information concerning life cycles, defense tactics, and body structures will fascinate readers.

Each double-page spread highlights one adaptation or behavioral trait, with a key idea in larger text. The size of the photos makes the book appropriate for group instruction. Students will return to it to re-examine the captioned photos or review the information. The content is appropriate for a wide range of grade levels from primary (read aloud with support) to secondary readers, reinforcing content in classification, life cycles, adaptations, and evolution.

Review posted on 1/28/2009

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