Moon Landing: Apollo 11 40th Anniversary Pop-Up
by Richard Platt;

Price at time of review: $29.99
10 pp.
Candlewick Press
Cambridge, MA
ISBN: 0763640468

Grade Level: 3-10

Reviewed by CBC Reviewer

From magnificent, three-dimensional pop-ups to fold-outs and small, inserted books, this 40th anniversary commemoration of Apollo 11 is extraordinary; its appearance is outstanding, and its content is informative. Although the events of 1969 may seem like ancient history to teachers and students, the proposed national effort to return to the Moon makes this volume especially relevant. It will capture the imagination of tomorrow's engineers and explorers.

The outstanding visuals inform, as the detailed text chronicles early space endeavors, from international space competition through the many successful flights of the Gemini and Apollo programs. Its appeal is ageless. In a corner of a classroom or as part of a library exhibit, this NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book for 2009 will be used constantly.

Review posted on 2/20/2009

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