Finding Home
by Sandra Markle

Price at time of review: $15.95
32 pp.
Charlesbridge Publishing
Watertown, MA
ISBN: 1580891225

Grade Level: K-5

Reviewed by Suzanne Flynn
Lesley University/Cambridge College

In this real-life story, readers join a koala mother and her baby joey as they flee a raging fire in a fight for survival. Leaving their destroyed home in the bush and encountering the edge of the risky world of humans, the frightened animals finally find a safe new home.

As students follow the journey of these attractive animals, they can learn more about life cycles, habitats, and ecosystems. The behaviors that are portrayed are authentic and accurate. It is appropriate for both group and individual reading. This book was an NSTA/CBC outstanding science trade book winner for 2009.

Review posted on 7/27/2009

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