Up, Up, and Away
by Ginger Wadsworth

Price at time of review: $16.95
32 pp.
Charlesbridge Publishing
Watertown, MA
ISBN: 978-1580892216

Grade Level: K-2

Reviewed by CBC Reviewer

What happens after spiderlings grow and hatch? The survival of their species depends on their ability to go "up, up, and away." This real-life drama follows the life cycle of the baby Argiope aurantia garden spider from egg to adult.

The mother spider lays hundreds of eggs, binding her egg sac to a twig. As the hatchlings leave their nest, the young spiders face many dangers from both predators and their own siblings. Readers follow the journey of a single female spider. Spinning a web and navigating air currents along the way, she eventually finds a permanent home of her own.

Reading this book is an ideal way to introduce life cycles to primary students. Watercolor and pencil drawings dominate each page. Short segments of accurate text are great for reading aloud or for independent reading. There is supplementary section of natural history information for the teacher or mentor. This is an NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book for 2010.

Review posted on 2/3/2010

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