The Boy Who Invented TV
by Kathleen Krull

Price at time of review: $16.99
40 pp.
Alfred A. Knopf
New York, NY
ISBN: 978-0375845611

Grade Level: 3-5

Reviewed by CBC Reviewer

The little-known story about a boy’s obsession with machines and electricity, which led to the invention of television, will fascinate young readers. The story of Philo Farnsworth’s voyage from farm boy to scientific genius is an inspiring story for elementary children and a bridge to an awareness of the power of science and technology.

Today's students will find it hard to imagine a world in which there was no television, limited radio, and most of a child's awareness of technology came from pictures in the Sears and Roebuck catalog. Farnsworth's concept of how to transmit moving pictures came from musings as he plowed parallel furrows on the family farm. The book traces his interests and his inventions in a way that readers will understand. A collage of images of televisions over the decades will help readers appreciate how our access to media has changed since the time of their grandparents. The book will also give them a sense of how important one good idea can be. This NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book for 2010 includes an author's note and references for further investigation.

Review posted on 2/25/2010

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