Micro Monsters
by Kingfisher

Price at time of review: $14.99
48 pp.
Kingfisher Books
New York, NY
ISBN: 9780753464557

Grade Level: 2-6

Reviewed by Dutchie Riggsby

Ever wonder what you would see if you were the size of a pencil point? Exploring the world of the "Micro Monsters" shown in this book may satisfy your curiosity or induce frightening nightmares! This is a delightful presentation for the inquiring minds of children who often imagine monsters. But these monsters are real—they can be found in the environment, studied further, and feed children's imagination and wonder about their world.

Sixteen “hidden” monsters are brought to light. Readers "meet" some beasts that are barely visible and some that are microscopic—even some that are our personal inhabitants. Each two-page spread carries a wealth of information about their defense mechanisms, habitats, strengths, weaknesses, and other facts. The comparison chart for intelligence, agility, strength, endurance, speed, and evasion opens a vista for understanding their place in the animal kingdom. The book features additional facts in foldouts, the photographs are clear visions of the subject, and a graphic sketch adds to understanding of its structure.

Without having to have access to a lab, students can see the microscopic inhabitants of our world and wonder. The embossed cover gives a sensory reward to picking up the book, and the graphic layout calls one to read it. This is a great book to encourage student research as they enter the world of the unseen.

Review posted on 9/21/2010

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