The Buzz on Bees
by Shelley Rotner and Anne Woodhull

Price at time of review: $16.95
32 pp.
Holiday House, Inc.
New York, NY
ISBN: 9780823422470

Grade Level: 3-5

Reviewed by Juliana Texley
NSTA Web Field Editor

For a decade biologists have puzzled over the mystery of hive collapse in bees. They have investigated causes ranging from global warming to cell phone wave interference. Without bees, the pollenization of key crops would be impossible.

This excellent book traces the processes that these scientists use to investigate what might be causing hive collapse phenomena. While the solution seems to have been found within a month of the book's publication (a combination of viral and fungus infections), the book's value as a scientific "who dunnit" is undeniable. Because of its accuracy and value in illustrating the processes of science, this book was named an NSTA/CBC Outstanding ScienceĀ Trade Book for 2011.

Teachers will find it valuable in helping students understand that, in science, questions lead to investigationsā€”and often to more questions. It could support lessons on insects, habitats, life cycles, agricultural science, or general investigations of scientific methods or careers.

Review posted on 12/10/2010

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