Great Migrations
by Elizabeth Carney

Price at time of review: $17.95
48 pp.
National Geographic Society
Washington, DC
ISBN: 9781426307003

Grade Level: 3-8

Reviewed by CBC Reviewer

This NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book for 2011 captures the beauty and science of the National Geographic film series to illustrate animal migrations around the world. With the publisher's trademark photographs, students can observe and inquire as they read. Lessons on adaptations and life cycles will be much more meaningful because they are illustrated by these natural history stories.

This book captures the motion of migrating animals in photographs and describes how these incredible journeys are driven by the animals’ adaptations for survival. As a hard-cover reference, it is most appropriate for a library or classroom center. National Geographic has also published smaller individual books on specific animal migrations that would be ideal for group work or individual reading around the theme of migrations.

Review posted on 3/20/2011

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