About Hummingbirds
by Cathryn Sill

Price at time of review: $16.95
48 pp.
Peachtree Publishers, Ltd
Atlanta, GA
ISBN: 9781561455881

Grade Level: K-3

Reviewed by Linda Schoen-Giddings
Science Consultant - SCDoE

The beauty of the illustrations and charm of this nature book for young children make it a very attractive choice. But I am recommending the book primarily because of the great introduction to science concepts that will be developed in later years.

Young readers will learn about adaptations (hummingbird bills and flight), food chains (predator/prey relationships), patterns of behavior (intra-species fighting), patterns of physical characteristics (size, feathers), camouflage (females having duller feathers), life cycles (nesting, eggs, and raising chicks), and habitats. All of these concepts are presented clearly and simply with color plates showing this unique bird. The instructional aspect of the book continues in the afterword, in which all the concepts are elaborated upon for the benefit of the classroom teacher.

Each page in the book has a corresponding paragraph in the afterword, which teachers or parents can reference when discussing or explaining the science concepts in greater detail to promote increased understanding. To summarize, I recommend this beautifully illustrated book describing the unique characteristics of hummingbirds because it will not only engage young readers in  "pretty pictures" but also will develop readers' fundamental knowledge of science concepts.

Review posted on 11/3/2011

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