How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?
by Chris Butterworth

Price at time of review: $12.99
Candlewick Press
Cambridge, MA
ISBN: 9780763650056

Grade Level: K-2

Reviewed by CBC Reviewer

Where did my lunch come from? Unfortunately, too many of our students might answer: "The grocery store, of course!" That's the experience many students have in an age when field trips to a farm are almost unheard of.

This elementary–level NSTA/CBC Outstanding Trade Book traces the "life" of bread, cheese, tomatoes, and other foods. Its busy graphic design makes it more appropriate for individual reading by students who grew up with graphic novels and hyperlinks.

This book is sure to fascinate elementary level students at a center or for independent reading. It also might be just the starter for a class project on gardening...or even that once–a–year field trip to the real world of agriculture. The "locavore" (eating local) approach is a popular, safer, and greener alternative to factory farmed foods and this book can lead students to appreciate it.

Review posted on 1/19/2012

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