At the Sea Floor Café
by Leslie Bulion

Price at time of review: $14.95
45 pp.
Peachtree Publishers, Ltd
Atlanta, GA
ISBN: 9781561455652

Grade Level: 3-5

Reviewed by CBC Reviewer

Poems that will enchant both children and adults introduce 18 interesting ocean concepts in this unique little book. Following each poem is an extended section of content to support the lyric lines and satisfy readers' new found curiosity.

From convict fish to jeweled anemone crabs, ocean creatures are described in vivid detail. Bottlenose dolphins wear bits of sponge as ornaments; narwhals duel with extended teeth that are embedded with sensitive nerves. There are even poems about the worms that decompose the bones and skeletons at the bottom of the ocean and the ROVs that explore there.

This book isn't large enough to show while reading (although today's "Elmo" might make that practical). But it's just the size to tuck into a bag for frequent personal reading. The enchanting quality of its poetry and the surprising details of the science content made it an NSTA/CBC Outstanding Trade Book.

Review posted on 2/3/2012

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