The Power of Questioning
by Julie V. McGough and Lisa M. Nyberg

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64 pp.
Arlington, VA
ISBN: 9781938946288

Grade Level: K-5

Reviewed by Vickie Brymer
3rd Grade Teacher

Children's curiosity naturally leads them to ask questions. So why not use Powerful Practices for more ideas from this three part instructional model? Let's go further into questioning, investigating, and assessing to explore new K– 5 strategies.

The Power of Questioning: Guiding Student Investigations by Julie V. McGough and Lisa M. Nyberg is a sixty–four page resource packed with the essentials of effective questioning by teachers as well as students, with an emphasis on knowing the children that you teach as individuals. Part one focuses on why questioning is a powerful teaching tool. Especially helpful in this segment is a section on the types of questions teachers need to ask and when they should be asked. Part two explores ways to prepare for the power of questioning. Teachers will learn how to make sure that all students participate. A four–tiered system of questioning to support English language learners is included. Part three discusses ways to implement the power of questioning.

Concrete examples and colorful photographs show teachers how to develop powerful questions. A great bonus in this book is a QR code that gives teachers access to video and audio recordings. They show teachers in action using powerful questioning. Also included are resources on the NSTA Extras website. Now you will have help integrating state standards along with implementing NGSS, Common Core Standards, and STEM education practices, too. This book is a quick read, yet the concise style includes all a teacher needs to get started with powerful questioning. What are you waiting for?

Review posted on 5/20/2015

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