Go Extinct!
by Steam Galaxy

Price at time of review: $19.99
Steam Galaxy

Grade Level: 3-12

Reviewed by Emily Waisanen

Go Extinct! is a fantastic science game that should be on the shelves of every middle school science classroom! The game is easy to play with colorful illustrations and excellent science facts that take playing and learning and integrate them into one unique experience. What especially stands out are the facts on each card. From the Greek or Latin root names (with phonetic pronunciations in parentheses) to the clever mnemonic devices to help students remember them, the game is packed with accurate scientific information and vocabulary. Students will enjoy competing against one another collecting clades (groups of animals that share a common ancestor) to see who has the most clades (and points) at the end of the game.

This game has "evolved" (pun intended) from its Kickstarter conception and the board and the cards are well designed and pleasing to look at, reinforcing the fact that STEAM Galaxy is committed to the 'A' in STEAM—they have definitely hit the 'S' on the head!

Review posted on 6/9/2016

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