Bringing STEM to the Elementary Classroom
by Linda Froschauer

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324 pp.
NSTA Press
Arlington, VA
ISBN: 9781681400303

Grade Level: K-5

Reviewed by Ruth Ruud

Bringing STEM to the Elementary Classroom is a compilation of thirty–six classroom tested lessons to provide elementary teachers with STEM lessons and additional learning opportunities they can use in their classrooms.

The book is organized into sections for PreK–grade 2 and grades 3–5. Each lesson has a uniform format with connections to NGSS Standards and the classroom activity. Student pages and resources for the lessons can be downloaded from the sites provided. There is a NSTA website connection where the user can download lesson rubrics, safety tips, and other lesson resources. Some of the strategies presented include: 5–E Learning Instructional phases, tested design processes, use of related technologies, design constructions and challenges relating to real–world problems. Science education research is embedded in the lessons. The editor explained in the introduction section that one significant result of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS; NGSS Lead States 2013) and the Framework for K–12 Science Education (NRC 2012) is an increased focus on engineering education.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is now an important part of the elementary classroom, providing STEM based activities and the application of problem solving. The first chapters include generic strategies for teaching STEM activities that can be used at any grade level. Examples include the process of designing STEM lessons and how to identify possible misconceptions that may occur during the implementation of the lesson. Examples of classroom lessons using trade books are included. The editor, a veteran classroom teacher and educator, was aware of the need to include not only well–designed lessons, but also the strategies that elementary teachers need to implement the lessons and additional resources such as websites and references. Bringing STEM to the Elementary Classroom is an excellent resource for elementary classrooms as well as educators that work with elementary aged children.

Review posted on 6/29/2016

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