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Are They the Same?

Are They the Same?

Interactive eBook+
Lexile 490L LS3-1
Stock Number PEY014

Journey with Speck, the red-spotted newt, as he learns that there are many different types of plants and animals and that individuals of a certain type can also have differences.

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    This ebook is based on the natural phenomenon that any group of plants or animals will demonstrate individual variation that allows scientists to distinguish between members of the group. In order to explore this phenomenon, we follow the journey of a red-spotted newt named Speck as he passes different types of plants and animals on his search for a new pond to spend the winter. As Speck makes his journey, readers investigate what makes each type of plant or animal similar and different from other plants or animals of the same kind. Over the course of this story, students will gain a deeper understanding of how individuals of a group can vary by making comparisons among groups of reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals, flowers, and trees.
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