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Beavers Building Ecosystems

Beavers Building Ecosystems

Interactive eBook+
Lexile 790L LS4-4
Stock Number PEY013

Animals impact the environment that they live in, sometimes with beneficial effects and sometimes with detrimental effects. In this ebooks students explore the impact of beavers on wetland ecosystems.

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    Studies have shown that wetlands created by beaver dams are more biodiverse than human-made wetlands. Beavers' first impact on the environment begins with dam building. Using their powerful teeth and engineering instincts, they significantly alter the ecology of a place. This book will discuss both positive and negative effects beavers have on their landscape and prompt students to think about how to effectively use beavers to create positive ecosystem changes. Students will also be introduced to ways in which ecosystems can change due to the influences of living and nonliving things, and they will use observation and data to observe how beaver dams change water levels and how that in turn changes the flora and fauna around the site. As a final assessment of what they have learned, students will be asked to play the role of wildlife managers and assess sites to find an appropriate place to relocate beavers. Students will apply their new understanding to decide where the beavers' presence will be most useful as environmental restorers.
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