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Exploring Matter in Space

Exploring Matter in Space

Interactive eBook+
Lexile 690L PS1-1
Stock Number PEY009

Join Peter as he ventures to a space station to visit his great uncle. Excitement ensues as students must use their understanding of matter to save the space station.

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    It is the year 2095 and Great Uncle Dar has just taken up the post of chief engineer on the solar system's first inflatable space apartment building. Even better, his nephew, Peter, is spending the summer with him! Peter is excited to catch up with Great Uncle Dar, spend some time in his lab, and get the lowdown on this new marvel of orbital engineering. As the summer progresses, Peter and his great uncle explore the structure of matter using technologies both real and imagined. Through observation, experiment, and model-making, readers explore how ridiculously small particles make up all matter in the universe. They also learn how the structure and behavior of these almost unthinkably small particles can help make sense of everyday happenings in the everyday world.
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