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Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water

Interactive eBook+
Lexile 880L LS4-1
Stock Number PEY018


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    Kat is a student paleontologist who uses a video chat app to communicate with readers during her expedition to visit a paleontological site in the desert of Egypt. She wants to figure out how a fossil fish came to exist at this site. Readers help Kat identify this fossil and others as they learn that the locations of fossils in rocks can indicate the order in which the rocks formed and the relative age of the fossils. As students progress through the ebook they also have the opportunity to meet the real paleontologist, Sanaa Al-Sayed, who discovered the fish fossil. On several pages throughout the ebook Ms. Al-Sayed answers questions about being a paleontologist. Using the information and interactives in this ebook, readers will make connections and build a reservoir of background knowledge they can draw upon to construct explanations for this phenomenon.
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