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Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow

Interactive eBook+
Lexile 500L LS1-2
Stock Number PEY015

All baby animals require certain things in order to survive and grow. Readers explore how the parents of baby foxes, eagles, beaver, and squirrels have special ways of providing their babies with what they need.

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    Help Me Grow is an interactive ebook where learners enter a forest to see how four different animals raise their young. Interactives and questions guide readers to explore patterns and make decisions to give the young animals a better chance of survival. Readers examine how four types of animal parents help and protect their babies while they grow. Included in this is how parents meet the needs of their young by making unique shelters to keep their young safe and by providing them with the proper food. Readers will also see how each type of animal comforts, grooms, protects, and teaches their young as they grow and survive.
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