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Home Is Where My Habitat Is

Home Is Where My Habitat Is

Interactive eBook+
Lexile 720L LS4-1
Stock Number PEY004

Join Kippy, an adventurous spider, as she goes is search of a new home. She explores a number of different habitats in the search for the one that is right for her.

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    Many different plants and animals live in any given habitat, both on land and in the water. To explore this phenomenon, we follow a jumping spider named Kippy in her search for a new habitat. This spider belongs to the species Bagheera kiplingi, which lives in the tropical dry forest ecosystem of northwestern Costa Rica. This particular animal was chosen because, unlike most spiders, Bagheera kiplingi feeds primarily on the nutritious leaf tips of acacia trees, making it the only known vegetarian spider. Though Kippy’s original habitat is small, some of the animals that she encounters require much larger habitats. Diversity doesn't just exist in the types of plants and animals Kippy encounters but in their forms and habits as well. As the story progresses, students make observations and use evidence to determine the habitat needs of various species, reinforcing the concepts of habitat and diversity while inspiring children to think about habitats and how they may be appreciated and restored around the world, as well as close to home.
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