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Investigating Weather and Climate

Investigating Weather and Climate

Interactive eBook+
Lexile 820L ESS2-2
Stock Number PEY001

Students investigate how day-to-day weather patterns over long periods of time determine the climate of an area.

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    Clear patterns emerge from weather data collected over time. These patterns are the foundation of what we understand as a location’s climate. By investigating the data of different locations to identify long-term patterns, students begin to notice that these long-term patterns define a location's climate. These differences are largely controlled by a location's place in the world (latitude) and its geography.

    The ebook explores how humans collect weather data on which a variety of weather and climate graphs and charts are built upon. It leads students to construct their own meaning from the patterns they uncover in the data, answering the driving question: What can we learn by observing and recording weather data?
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