Technical Specifications

How can I use eBooks+?

  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Mac OS or Windows
  • Chromebook
  • Tablet: Android; iOS; Windows
  • Cell Phone: Android; iOS; Windows* *eBooks+ Kids only
  • Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc)

Do I need software to use eBooks+?

Access eBooks+ through the NSTA Reader website ( when using a browser, or download the free NSTA Reader app via the Apple Store, Play Store, or Microsoft Store.

Do I need to be connected to Wifi to use eBooks+?

You can access eBooks+ either online on a computer, or online or offline on a tablet or phone. The assessment tool and any data gathering will not occur when the eBooks+ is viewed offline.

Can I integrate the eBooks+ into the single sign-on system my school already uses?

The NSTA Reader can be integrated with Google Classroom or One Roster.