October 2002


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If you think that paleontology is just the study of dinosaurs, you are not alone. But it is much more. Paleontologists study fossils to understand what happened at different points in our planet's history. Paleontologists study many different fields of science to combine knowledge gained from anthropologists, archaeologists, biologists, computer science engineers, ecologists, and geologists to learn about the human race's place in the world. Sometimes the distinctions between these different fields become blurry, because they do often overlap.

The University of California at Berkeley's website (http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/exhibit/paleontology.html) does a great job of explaining "What Paleontology is NOT" by describing the different methods and areas of focus of paleontology, anthropology, and archaeology.

One of the most exciting aspects of paleontology is that you don't have to be a professional to contribute to the field. Some significant contributions have been made by amateurs. To help you teach the budding paleontologists in your classroom, we've included ideas, articles, news stories, and websites to fire up their imaginations and inspire their curiosity. Dig in!

Paleontology in the News

Article summaries provided by the NSTA WebNews Service.

Paleontological discoveries are hot news right now! Discover what's new in old fossils. Use these opportunities to link today's headlines to your science unit on fossils, dinosaurs, or paleontology.

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Paleontology on the Net

SciLinks is an interactive, Web-based service from NSTA that connects your lesson and/or course materials (certain textbooks, NSTA books, and journal articles) with online content chosen just for your selected topics. NSTA members can search by keyword or phrase and receive a list of teacher-approved Internet resources.

Elementary: Paleontology http://www.scilinks.org/retrieve_outside.asp?sl=9263562111101022

Intermediate: Paleontology http://www.scilinks.org/retrieve_outside.asp?sl=9263565511101022

High School:  Paleontology http://www.scilinks.org/retrieve_outside.asp?sl=9263569911101022

Paleontology in NSTA Journal Articles

The following journal articles are sorted by grade level to provide you with ideas for classroom lessons and activities related to paleontology.

Elementary: http://ecommerce.nsta.org/enewsletter/2002-09/elementary.htm

•  Primary Paleontologists

•  "Weighing" Dinosaurs

•  Ancient Fossil Challenges Theory of Bird Origin

Intermediate: http://ecommerce.nsta.org/enewsletter/2002-09/intermediate.htm

•  Dino-mite!

•  A Prehistoric Odyssey

•  Prints to Ponder

High School: http://ecommerce.nsta.org/enewsletter/2002-09/high_school.htm

•  Fossil Forecasting

•  Laboratory Excavations

•  Digital Dinosaur Discoveries

Books on Paleontology

Check out these titles from NSTA Press and NSTA Recommends:


• Learning About the Earth

Rising to the Challenge

Rocks & Minerals, Hands-on Science Series

The Cambridge Guide to Minerals, Rocks, and Fossils

Professional Development

"You wouldn’t dream of walking into a classroom without any idea what you want to accomplish. Why
treat your own learning any differently?" The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC).

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