December 2002


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Welcome to Science Class, NSTA's monthly electronic newsletter for science educators. Every month, Science Class features a curriculum topic–in this issue, Physics–that is supported by a range of NSTA-approved teaching resources: news stories, Internet "SciLinks®," NSTA journal articles (sorted by grade range), books, and more. In addition, every issue includes a column on professional development, as well as NSTA news highlights.

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Physics can be a challenging subject to teach to students. With concepts such as Isaac Newton's Laws of Motion, centripetal forces, kinetic energy, and simple machines, teaching physics can be a daunting task!

Teaching physics can be fun, however, and this month we have a newsletter packed with ideas to make your physics lessons come to life with hands-on activities. For instance, have you ever thought about having your students build a catapult to launch pumpkins, or teaching your students the connections between golf and science by having them convert the school gymnasium into an 18-hole golf course?

No matter what the activity might be, you will discover plenty of innovative ideas to help teach your students physics through news and journal articles, websites, books, and other resources in this issue. So read on and see how you can make teaching physics a fun and interesting experience!

Physics in the News

Article summaries provided by the NSTA WebNews Service.

Teacher-created experiments and activities go a long way toward teaching students how physics applies to their everyday lives.

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Physics on the Net

SciLinks® is an interactive, Web-based service from NSTA that connects your lesson and/or course materials (certain textbooks, NSTA books, and journal articles) with online content chosen just for your selected topics.

Elementary: Isaac Newton

Intermediate: Newton's Laws

High School:  Roller Coaster Physics

Physics in NSTA Journal Articles

The following journal articles are sorted by grade level to provide you with ideas for classroom lessons and activities related to physics.



High School:

Books on Physics

Check out these titles from NSTA Press and NSTA Recommends:

Professional Development

The urban classroom presents its own challenges and rewards. Learning how some teachers succeed despite the challenges they face can inspire teachers everywhere. The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse focuses this month on Success in the Urban Classroom.

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NSTA Institute

Professional development for science teachers in partnership with National Teachers Enrichment Network (NTEN). Click on the "NTEN" link to see the latest course offerings.


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