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In response to reader feedback, NSTA changed its K–12 journals. Beginning in January, each issue of Science and Children, Science Scope, and The Science Teacher now features at least three articles and several departments organized around a single focus area. The Table of Contents indicates an issue’s focus and displays a symbol used to identify every relevant component of the journal. Text describing the focus area of each issue appears on the front cover. All four NSTA journals, including The Journal of College Science Teaching, have a new department called www.nsta.org that directs readers to a featured section of NSTA’s website, such as NSTA Recommends® and NSTA Conventions. All February 2003 issues will include a Publisher’s Note highlighting the changes.

You‘ll appreciate the changes we’ve made to NSTA Recommends® product reviews. Teachers told us they had trouble following the reviews, which often trail around smaller ads at the back of the journal. So at the beginning of this department, we’ve added an index of all the books reviewed in a given issue.