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NSF Publishes Free Resource for K–12 Teachers
Update on the Teaching of Evolution: New Mexico Upholds Science Standards

Science Credit Now Available for JASON Online Courses
Want to Be Truly Fluent in “Lingo of Learning”? New NSTA Press® Book Is Your Ideal Guide
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Unique New Learning Resource for K–12 Teachers Available from NSF

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has published a new resource for teachers and others that provides examples of creative ways to explore science and technology and examples of successful inquiry-based learning techniques. New Formulas for America’s Workforce: Girls in Science and Engineering catalogs the methodology and results of more than 200 NSF grants since 1993. Judith A. Ramaley, head of NSF’s Directorate for Education and Human Resources, says, “This is a perfect back-to-school tool for those teachers who want to see how research has identified hands-on learning that works. The book is full of ideas, contacts, and research that makes it an essential element in the toolkit of every educator between the kindergarten and college undergraduate levels.” The book is available FREE in both print and electronic formats; printed copies may be ordered on the web at www.nsf.gov/home/orderpub.htm. Use document numbers NSF 03-207 for the print version and NSF 03-208 for the compact disk version. A PDF version may be downloaded from www.nsf.gov/pubs/2003/nsf03207/start.htm.


New Mexico Upholds Science Standards

On August 28, the New Mexico Board of Education voted unanimously to keep the teaching of biological evolution as part of the state’s science standards for public schools. NSTA publicly supported the draft standards, noting that they “emphasize evolution in a manner that is commensurate with its importance in understanding the natural world.” For the NSTA WebNews Digest brief, go to http://www.nsta.org/educationnews.


Natural Science Graduate Credits Now Available for JASON Online Courses

The JASON Academy is now offering up to two graduate credits in Natural Science from Colorado State University for each of its 5-week online courses…which may help teachers meet NCLB highly-qualified requirements as well as re-certification needs. JASON online courses enable elementary and middle level teachers to learn at their convenience, through a one-on-one relationship with nationally recognized online instructors. Courses beginning Sept. 22 include Structure of the Earth, Earth’s History, Earth in the Solar System, Transfer of Energy, Forces and Motion, and Electricity and Magnetism. Also starting on Sept. 22 are Ocean Science; Aquatic Ecology; Water Quality; Rainforests—Endangered Ecosystems; Introduction to Online Learning (Inquiry and Learning Styles); Assessment of Student Science Literacy; Teaching Project-Based Science; Science and Young Children (preK–3); and Teaching Science Safely (elementary, middle school, and high school versions). Course details and registration are available at www.jason.org/academy. NSTA members receive a 10% discount on tuition fees.


Want to Be Truly Fluent in “Lingo of Learning”? New NSTA Press® Book Is Your Ideal Guide

Who would expect a guide to the specialized language of science education to be enlightening…and clear…and even fun to read? Just released by NSTA Press®, The Lingo of Learning: 88 Education Terms Every Science Teacher Should Know, by Alan Colburn, is full of surprises and the ideal guide to help you understand those education terms you’ve always heard but were never able to define with assurance. The book features a concise discussion of 88 education terms and ideas from “anticipatory set” to “zone of proximal growth”—most within the context of science teaching. The book offers a quick reference, with more depth than a dictionary but less tedium than a textbook. To order, select this link: http://store.nsta.org/showItem.asp?product=PB179X; to browse the NSTA Science Store online, go to http://store.nsta.org/home.asp.


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