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NSF Issues Request for Proposals for 2004 Math and Science Partnership Programs
NSTA Legislative Update
Craftsman/NSTA Honors Young Inventors of 2003
American Museum of Natural History—NSTA's New Professional Development Partner—Offers Fall Online Courses… Register Now

NSTA's Fall Conventions Flyer to "Print 'n' Post"—$–Saving Coupons   Included; Minneapolis Best–Price Registration Deadline Friday    

NSF Issues Request for Proposals for 2004 Math and Science Partnership Programs

On September 16, the National Science Foundation issued a program solicitation for the 2004 Math and Science Partnership (MSP) that contains a number of revisions to the program.

The new Request for Proposals continues the MSP Targeted Partnerships, but NSF is now seeking proposals for programs at targeted grade ranges (emphasis is on the middle and high school levels) and/or programs with a specific disciplinary focus in science or math.

NSF also seeks to fund new Teacher Institutes for the 21st Century that will help to develop teacher leaders, master teachers, and school–based intellectual leaders in math and science. The Teacher Institutes would, in effect, "reflect the enthusiasm and disciplinary spirit of the original NSF Institutes," which ran from 1954 to the mid–1970s and stressed content matter.

Letters of intent for the proposals (optional, but encouraged) are due November 17, 2003; full proposals are due December 16, 2003. For more information, go to http://www.nsf.gov/pubsys/ods/getpub.cfm?ods_key=nsf03605.


NSTA Legislative Update

Congress moves one step closer to funding the FY 2004 education programs under No Child Left Behind, including the state-based science and math partnerships. And a recent poll shows most Americans are unfamiliar with No Child Left Behind, while several leading publications question a number of the law's requirements; read this and more in this issue of the NSTA Legislative Update.  Continued here: http://www.nsta.org/nstaexpress/nstaexpress_2003_09_23_extra.htm#1


Craftsman/NSTA Honors Young Inventors of 2003

Two national winners and 10 national finalists were honored yesterday at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago for their winning entries in this year's Craftsman/NSTA Young Inventors Awards Program. Congratulations to national winners Max Wallack, a second grader from Wayland Academy in Framingham, Massachusetts, for his invention, "The Great Granny Booster Step," a wooden step that helps an elderly person enter a minivan, and Chandler Macocha, a seventh grader at Oxford Middle School in Oxford, Michigan, for his invention, the "Wheelchair Backpack Holder," a device that conveniently swivels a backpack on a wheelchair forward via a lever. Both students will receive $10,000 savings bonds. More than 8,000 students in grades 2–8 entered this year's contest; for more information on the program and the exciting inventions developed this year, go to http://www.nsta.org/pressroom&news_story_ID=48609.  


American Museum of Natural History—NSTA's New Professional Development Partner—Offers Fall Online Courses…Register Now                            

NSTA has announced a new partnership with the American Museum of Natural History to offer Seminars on Science, the Museum's popular online professional development courses available to teachers of science through the NSTA Institute. From October 6 to November 16th, courses in genetics, earth science, physical science and dinosaurs will be offered.  Participation requires only Internet access and can occur at any time and at any location.

Each six-week course provides K–12 educators with unique access to the Museum's scientific research, its collections, exhibitions and laboratories. The courses are facilitated by both a scientist and an educator. Each course highlights the Museum's rich resources through original essays, videos from the field, interactive simulations and facilitated discussion.  These courses align with the National Science Education Standards and are available for graduate credit. 

To learn more about the partnership and the courses, read the latest article from NSTA Reports at http://www.nsta.org/main/news/stories/nsta_story.php?news_story_ID=48614. To register for a course, visit the NSTA Web site at www.nsta.org/institute or go to the American Museum of Natural History Web site at http://learn.amnh.org/welcome.php?w=NSTAIFO31. Space is limited, register now.


NSTA's Fall Conventions Flyer to "Print 'n' Post"—Special $–Saving Coupons Included; Minneapolis Best–Price Registration Deadline Friday

It's Fall and NSTA is bringing our exciting 2004 area conventions to a city near you!  If you're planning to join us in Minneapolis, Oct. 30–Nov.1, go to http://www.nsta.org/conventiondetail&Meeting_Code=2003MIN by Friday, Sept. 26, for your last chance to save on registration. If Kansas City, MO, Nov. 13–15, or Reno, NV, Dec. 4–6, is your choice, you're sure to find new knowledge, unique experiences, the latest "tools of the trade," new networking opportunities, and old acquaintances there as well. For complete details and earlybird registration, go to http://www.nsta.org/conventions.

Help NSTA spread the word—and the special coupon savings opportunities for convention attendees—about these exciting events! Go to http://www.nsta.org/nstaexpress/nstaexpress_2003_09_23_extra2.htm to download and print either the full-color or black–and–white version of the convention flyer plus the coupon flyer, then post them in your school's faculty room. (The coupon page may be printed out or multi-copied in black and white, of course, so that anyone planning to attend can take advantage of these special online savings.)


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