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NSTA Survey on Products and Services—Help Us Help You

As a busy classroom teacher—or supervisor—what products and services would better help you do your job? Let us know by filling out the short survey at http://www.nsta.org/survey_products_services/survey_products_services.asp. With these results we’ll better understand what science teachers really need (and want) PLUS get an idea of possible new products and services that NSTA can offer. Both NSTA members and nonmembers are invited to participate, so let us know what you think!


Live From Reno, Nevada--Workshops Delivered Right to Your Computer

NSTA is offering educators an opportunity to participate in several virtual exhibitor workshops--broadcast live from our conventions via the Web--on a personal computer (or on-screen projection) at your offsite location.  You'll be able to view demonstrations and graphics, ask questions and get responses in real time, and more. The Kansas City virtual workshops in November played to a packed house nationwide, and the response was highly favorable.  You’ll want to see this very latest in electronic communications, so sign up now for the workshops that will be presented live from Reno.

These special virtual exhibitor workshops are open to only the first 50 individual (or group) site registrants each, so click on http://www.nsta.org/virtualworkshops for more details and to sign up. If you'd like to attend Reno conventions in person, go to http://www.nsta.org/conventions for agendas and registration.


Support Your Urban Colleagues Through City Science --Make a Tax-Deductible Donation Today

NSTA is seeking support from NSTA members and friends—people like you—to make a difference in our nation's urban science classrooms. As 2003 comes to an end, we ask you to make a tax-free donation to City Science: A Campaign to Engage Urban Teachers. This NSTA initiative will provide a host of services and opportunities for urban teachers of science, including high-quality professional development for sustained learning, a network that enables teachers to connect with and support one another, and funds to secure needed equipment to help teachers implement effective science lessons. With your financial help now, we will launch City Science in conjunction with the NSTA National Convention in April 2004. To view a short video and to learn more about how you can make a contribution, visit www.nsta.org/cityscience.


Get Free (and almost free) Stuff: NSTA Reports Teachers’ Grab Bag is Online

NSTA Reports ever-popular, monthly column—Teachers’ Grab Bag—is on the web. Check out http://www.nsta.org/resourcesgrabbag where you can find hundreds of free and almost free items such as videos, publications, CD-ROMs, lab kits, and much more. Visitors can search the database by cost and type of products/services.


Career Center Spotlight: Dynamic Science Teacher Needed

Science Teacher

Dynamic science instructor needed! Florence High School, located in the rural Arizona desert, just southeast of metropolitan Phoenix, opened new state of the art buildings this school year. Included are university style science labs where an enthusiastic science teacher can contribute to building a comprehensive, quality science program.

For complete details regarding this position or a full list of other available job opportunities, visit http://careers.nsta.org. Whether you're seeking a new position or need to fill a vacancy, the NSTA Career Center is the premier location for science education careers. Post your resume or current job opening today!


January 2004 NTEN Online Professional Development Courses: Registration is NOW

National Teachers Enhancement Network (NTEN) Spring graduate-level online science courses for K-12 teachers, in Biology, Science Education, Earth Science, Entomology, Geography, Human Development, Food/Nutrition, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, Microbiology, and Physics begin on various dates in January. The first registration deadline is January 8.  Courses carry graduate credit hours, and all are offered with a special 10% discount for NSTA members.  To browse the full list of available courses and specific class dates, go to http://institute.nsta.org, follow the NTEN link, and register now. 


Not a member and want to join? Visit https://ecommerce.nsta.org/membership/apply.asp!

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