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ESTME Week Celebration Slated for March 15-20; Visit ESTME Website for Ideas and Events

As Excellence in Science, Technology, and Mathematics Education (ESTME) Week draws near, science teachers are urged to visit the ESTME Website at http://www.estme.org. The site features a gallery of award-winning Websites, a special section where your students can Ask A Scientist or Engineer, and a collection of events and exhibits.

Check out the many ways you can get involved with ESTME Week: Invite a local scientist to demonstrate science activities or talk about life as a scientist; pose as a host of your own talk show on the wonders of science and ask your students to appear as a famous scientist; challenge your students to express their views of science in an original work of art or a game, or by developing a t-shirt design or a poster. Visit the ESTME Website for many more ideas, slated to go live on February 23. Plan now to celebrate science March 15-20, 2004.


Acclaimed Speakers Headline 2004 NSTA National Convention, April 1-4, Atlanta
Connecting Science to the World: NSTA National ConventionNSTA has assembled a stellar group of internationally known speakers for our 52nd annual convention and exhibition in Atlanta, April 1-4. Among those to include on your “don’t-miss” list: 
  • Thursday, April 1—Opening with the General Session, Jim Cantore, an “Indiana Jones” of the Elements for The Weather Channel will talk about his early interest in science that started him in the direction of his rewarding career. 
  • Friday, April 2--Gerry M. Madrazo, Jr., former NSTA President and Clinical Professor of Science Education, University of North Carolina will present the Robert H. Carleton Lecture on “Language Diversity and Multicultural Science Education:  Closing the Achievement Gap.” 
  • Saturday, April 3--The NSTA/ASE Honors Exchange Lecture on Saturday, April 3 features Stuart Naylor and Brenda Keogh, both lecturer(s), Science Education, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, U.K., for an across-the-pond view, on the topic of  “Concept Cartoons: Switching Learners On to Science.”  Featured presentation speaker is Rodrigo Carazo, former President of Costa Rica, and President Emeritus, University for Peace (United Nations) on the convention theme, “Connecting Science to the World.”  The President’s Annual Banquet is “An Evening with Dr. Ruth Westheimer,” featuring the widely know psychosexual therapist, lecturer, and author at the ticketed event.

For the full list of speakers, additional bio information, the convention agenda, ticketed social events and field trips, housing and child care information, and to register, visit http://www.nsta.org/conventiondetail&Meeting_Code=2004ATL.  To create your own personal convention professional development itinerary to help you obtain funding for the event, visit http://www.nsta.org/pd/institute.aspxpersonal_sched.asp?meeting=2004ATL.  Advance registration deadline--for your best savings--is March 5, so don’t delay.  We’ll see y’all in Atlanta!  


JASON Academy’s New Teaching Science Safely Online Courses
Debut March 8

The JASON Academy, part of the NSTA Institute, offers an innovative approach to professional development for busy teachers who want to take content-rich, continuing education science courses anytime, anywhere via the Internet. Several new online science courses have been announced for the spring 2004 semester of JASON Academy: "Teaching Science Safely in the Elementary School” and “Teaching Science Safely in the Middle School” lead teachers and administrators to investigate best practices in the area of classroom and school safety, and make important decisions in the selection of methods and materials.  The courses emphasize inquiry in the spirit of the National Science Education Standards and offer positive alternatives for hands-on exploration of the natural world.  The legal implications of classroom practice are also addressed.  Courses are based on the NSTA Press books Exploring Safely—A Guide for Elementary Teachers (http://store.nsta.org/showItem.asp?product=PB166X1) and Inquiring Safely—A Guide for Middle School Teachers (http://store.nsta.org/shotItem.asp?product= PB166X2), which are used as textbooks for the course. Browse or purchase the books by clicking on the links. Also new for spring are "Science and Young Children" (preK-grade 3) and "Rainforests -- Endangered Ecosystems".  Sessions begin March 8 and space is limited, so register now—click on http://institute.nsta.org and follow the JASON Academy link.


Register NOW for the Triangle/NSTA Advocacy Conference, March 15, 2004

Come to Washington, D.C., and let your Members of Congress know what you think about No Child Left Behind (NCLB). On March 15, NSTA is a cosponsor for the Triangle Coalition for Science and Technology Education conference titled “Informing Policy in Support of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education” which will be held at The Capitol Hill Club in Washington, D.C. The conference will highlight current state and national legislative issues that will have an impact on local science, math, and technology education programs. Conference participants will learn more about NCLB, the Math and Science Partnerships, and the Higher Education Act from speakers that include science and math education champions in the House and Senate (or their staff) and officials from the U.S. Department of Education, National Science Foundation, and the National Science Board. Participants will be urged to schedule visits with their members of Congress after the Summit on Science on March 16.  For more information or to register, go to http://www.triangle-coalition.org or send an e-mail to jpeterson@nsta.org


And The Winner Is…NSTA Names 2004 Outstanding Science Educators

NSTA proudly announces the recipients of its 2004 Teacher Awards, which recognize K–12 teachers, professors, principals, and others for their outstanding achievement in science education. The awards will be presented to more than 20 individuals at a special banquet and ceremony at the NSTA National Convention in Atlanta.

The Association’s most prestigious honor, the Robert H. Carleton Award, will go to Dr. Gerald Skoog, Paul Whitfield Horn Professor at Texas Tech University and former NSTA President. Dr. Skoog is recognized for his outstanding contributions to and leadership in science education at the national level and to NSTA.

NSTA congratulates all of the award winners and extends its appreciation to the sponsors for their generous support. For a complete list of winners, go to http://www.nsta.org/main/news/stories/nsta_story.php?news_story_ID=49011. If you’d like to see your name on this list next year—and win a trip to the 2005 National Convention—consider applying for one of our many 2005 Awards. Stay tuned to NSTA Express for announcements and updates about next year’s program.


NSTA Career Center Spotlight:  National Wildlife Federation Seeks Manager of Educator Programs

National Wildlife Federation (NWF) in Reston, Va., seeks a Manager of Educator Programs responsible for managing all aspects of NWF’s efforts with K–8 formal education audiences, including the educator workshop program, the Schoolyard Habitats program, and curriculum developed for formal education audiences.  For complete details regarding this position as well as a full list of other available job opportunities, visit http://careers.nsta.org. Registration for job seekers is confidential and FREE.  Whether you're seeking a new position or need to fill a vacancy, the NSTA Career Center is the premier location for science education careers. Post your resume or current job opening today!


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