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New Report Identifies PreK-12 Programs that Help Underrepresented Groups Succeed in Science and Mathematics

Building Engineering and Science Talent (BEST), an initiative of the Council on Competitiveness, has released its final report on effective programs that help underrepresented groups succeed in science and mathematics. The report, "What it Takes: PreK–12 Design Principles to Broaden Participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics," showcases nine programs with significant evidence of effectiveness and eleven that warrant further research, based on an in-depth evaluation of research evidence programs by the BEST Blue Ribbon Panel on Pre-K-12 Education and the American Institutes of Research (AIR).

BEST was created to bring together the nation’s most respected practitioners, researchers, and policymakers to identify what’s working across the country to develop the technical talent of under-represented groups in preK-12, higher education, and the workplace. The BEST Blue Ribbon Panel, chaired by Dr. Shirley Malcom, head director for Education and Human Resources at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, screened 200 programs and selected 34 for detailed examination. To read the full report, go to http://www.bestworkforce.org/publications.htm.


Ready to “Test Drive” Online Learning for Professional Development?  JASON Academy Offers “How-To” Plus Additional Course at 30% Discount

If you’re new to the online learning environment, try it out with the JASON Academy’s Introduction to Online Learning course, which begins June 28, and is designed to reduce anxiety about the Web-based professional development experience. Co-facilitated by a college professor and a fourth-grade teacher, this five-week course leads you through the components of Web-based learning beginning with a week devoted entirely to Web and course navigation. The following weeks emphasize teaching using inquiry, addressing different student-learning styles and creating and implementing a personal professional development plan. 

As a special, limited time offer, educators who combine the Introduction to Online Learning course with any other JASON Academy course for the June 28 or October 4 2004 semester sessions can register for both courses for $300--more than a 30% discount.  Use Promotional Code ACAD150 when ordering your second course.  Both courses must be ordered at the same time.

JASON Academy offers courses in life science, physical science, Earth science, mathematics, and pedagogy.  The Academy’s newest addition, Learning Reading Strategies through Middle School Science, provides excellent activities for combining literacy and science instruction. Another new course, Chemistry through Inquiry, for teachers of grades 3-8, provides a set of physical science activities to help teach major concepts in the study of matter. Both graduate credit and continuing education units (CEUs) are available. Visit http://www.jason.org/jason_academy/courses/courses.htm for full course descriptions, credit options, and to register. Or call toll free (888) 527-6600, ext. 240. 


National Math-Science Online Lobby Week Scheduled for June 14-18

Join your colleagues for this nationwide campaign to increase federal funding for K-12 science and math education programs. During the week of June 14-18, hundreds of science and math teachers, administrators, supervisors, and professors--in short, everyone with an interest in K-12 science and math education—will be asked to take a minute online to email their members of Congress with one simple request: to increase funds for the Math and Science Partnership program at the Department of Education. 

As you know, the Math and Science Partnership program makes funds available at the state level specifically for science and math programs that include collaborative opportunities between higher education, K-12, and the public and private sectors.  Since important funding decisions are now being made in Washington, D.C., members of Congress need to hear from you about the importance of this program. 

Join us next week, and plan to e-mail your Representatives and Senators for this online advocacy program: It's quick, it's simple, and IT WORKS. For more information on the Math and Science Partnerships, go to http://www.nsta.org/legaffairs.


Engineering as an Academic Discipline—Give Us Your Opinion

Attention NSTA Express readers—What do you think about engineering as an academic discipline—and as a profession? NSTA and the American Society for Engineering Education want to know! Please take about 10 minutes to complete the survey at http://www.engineeringk12.org/teachers/survey1.cfm and thanks in advance for your support.


What Are You Doing This Summer? Plenty!

Thanks for responding to our survey in last week’s edition of NSTA Express. From graduate courses to workshops and from second jobs to vacations, we heard from many of you about your busy plans for the summer. Curious? Here is just a taste of what your colleagues have in store for this summer: http://www.nsta.org/nstaexpress/nstaexpress_2004_06_07_extra.htm


Science Events At Your Fingertips

Check out NSTA’s online calendar (http://www.nsta.org/calendar) for the latest science-related events and activities. This information-packed service is great if you are looking for a specific program, grant, or workshop in the field of science. Visitors can search by category, grade level, or region, or submit their own upcoming event. Don’t miss out. Visit http://www.nsta.org/calendar today!


Career Center Spotlight—Support Specialist Needed in Clarke County School District: http://careers.nsta.org

Not a member and want to join? Visit https://ecommerce.nsta.org/membership/apply.asp!

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