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Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) Releases Annual Poll on Attitudes Toward Public Schools

Sixty eight percent of those surveyed for the recently released 36th Annual PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public's Attitudes Toward the Public Schools say they know little about the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), 55 percent say they don’t know enough about the law to view it favorably or unfavorably, yet 51 percent believe that NCLB will improve the schools in their area. Read more about the poll at http://www.nsta.org/nstaexpress/nstaexpress_2004_09_07_pdk.htm, or access the full report at http://www.pdkintl.org.


NSTA Express
Poll Results Are In: Shortage of Science Teachers Prevails in Many Schools

Results are in from the NSTA Express poll on a shortage of science teachers and 70 percent of you said that your school or school district is experiencing difficulty finding and hiring qualified science teachers. When asked if the problem has increased or decreased in recent years, 48 percent said that it has worsened. More than 600 teachers responded to the survey. For complete results, go to http://www.nsta.org/nstaexpress/survey_science_teacher_shortage.htm; to read a press release issued about the survey, go to http://www.nsta.org/nstaexpress/nstaexpress_2004_09_07_poll.htm.


NSTA’s Nov. 17 Linking Science and Literacy in the Classroom Conference Open to preK-8 Teachers, Administrators

In response to the current interest in interdisciplinary instruction, NSTA will present a daylong conference on Linking Science and Literacy in the Classroom on Nov. 17, in Seattle—in conjunction with NSTA's 2004 Area Convention there (Nov. 18-20). Designed for preK-8 teachers, administrators, and professional development providers, the conference will disseminate National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded research and focus on the needs of practitioners currently grappling with the appropriate roles of literacy in the science classroom. 

The conference will include plenary sessions and multiple, concurrent, small-group workshops focused on practical applications, such as criteria for selecting high-quality science literature resources; the roles of writing in the teaching and learning of science; current research on students' science learning in a literature-rich environment; and creating a school culture that supports the integration of literacy in the science curriculum.  Teachers and their principals or science supervisors are encouraged to participate as a school team, and teams of three or more that include at least one administrator will receive a 20% discount on the conference registration fee.  Participating teachers—but not administrators—are required to also register for the NSTA Seattle Convention. 

For information on NSF-funded speakers and additional agenda details, as well as registration forms, go to http://www.nsta.org/conventions. Deadline for registration is Nov. 1.


Newest NSTA Press Book, Clones, Cats, and Chemicals, Opens Up Debatable Topics

Does human cloning present a threat or an opportunity?  Do common cats constitute a major threat to wildlife?  Clones, Cats and Chemicals, by Irwin L. Slesnick, is now available from NSTA Press.  The book provides the facts and framework to provoke classroom debates in grades 6—12 classrooms on the science behind some of today’s toughest controversies.  The author examines 10 dilemmas from the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, Earth science, technology, and mathematics and helps teachers challenge students to confront scientific and social problems that offer few black-and-white solutions. 

The standards recommend that students grapple with science-related issues that society debates on a regular basis.  The classroom-ready activities in this provocative book will encourage students to explore the pros and cons of difficult decisions.  Clones, Cats and Chemicals is available for browsing online at the NSTA Science Store website at http://store.nsta.org


Back to School with the JASON Academy Online—In Your Free JASON T-shirt

Do you need to brush up on your content background? Learn new strategies and activities for teaching science?  Earn graduate credit or CEUs for recertification and meeting highly qualified standards?  JASON Academy online five-week courses in life, physical, and Earth sciences; science teaching pedagogy; and mathematics, begin Oct. 4. Courses require 6–10 hours per week depending on the number of credits. Information on JASON’s newest courses—Chemistry through Inquiry and Learning Reading Strategies through Middle School Science—is available online along with a complete course listing and registration at http://www.jason.org/academy.  

Plus, as a special limited-time, back-to-school offer, you’ll receive a JASON long-sleeve t-shirt, free-of-charge, if you register for a course by Sept. 30.  In addition, NSTA members receive 10% off the registration fee.  Register online at http://store.jason.org; enter discount code NSTA10; send an e-mail to tshirt@jason.org with your name, shipping address, enrolled course, and preferred t-shirt size.


Sharpen Your Job-Seeking Skills with Tips from NSTA’s Career Center

Have you ever wondered…What career is right for me? What should I include in my cover letter? What questions can be (and should be) asked in an interview?

At http://careers.nsta.org, you'll get fast and reliable answers to dozens of questions like these. And at no cost to you.

For instance, let's say you've landed an interview and want to make the most of the opportunity.

Go to the career advice: http://careers.nsta.org/advice.asp. Topics will appear, offering wise counsel on everything from preparing for a career in science education to formatting your resume to asking the right questions on an interview.

Check out new job listings as well as the full range of services created to help you locate—and land—the job you want. Log on to http://careers.nsta.org now.

And if you are looking for a new employee, don’t miss the Back-to-School Special!

Receive a $50 discount on each of your job postings through September 30! Enter “B2S04” in the Promotional Code box when posting each new listing at http://careers.nsta.org.


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