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Science Education in the News

Linking science with literacy, complacency in the education system, unlearning bad science, and stifling the voice of science were all topics discussed last week in a variety of media sources. Read more at http://www.nsta.org/nstaexpress/nstaexpress_2005_02_28_sciednews.htm.


ESTEME Week among April Science Education Events; Check Our List of Earth Day and Environmental Activities and Plan Ahead

Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education (ESTEME) Week is scheduled for April 11–16 this year. Teachers are invited to participate in this nationwide event. At the ESTEME website, http://www.esteme.org, you’ll find web activities for the classroom, students will find interactive online activities, and parents will find homework helpers, games, puzzles, and more.

A number of Earth Day/environmental activities and events are also available for teachers and students of all grades. Read more about how you can find teaching materials and activities for your students at http://www.nsta.org/nstaexpress/nstaexpress_2005_02_28_esteme.htm.


Take Our NSTA Express Poll on the Teaching of Evolution

The media and public discourse on the teaching of evolution has escalated to a new level in many communities and states around the country. NSTA is conducting a survey to learn more about the challenges science teachers face when addressing this issue. Take our NSTA Express survey (http://www.nsta.org/survey_evolution) and tell us about your experiences on this important topic.

NSTA offers teachers a myriad of resources and materials on the teaching of evolution—position statements, publications, and timely journal articles—and presents opportunities to interact with educators and scientists to further explore evolution’s central role in science. At the NSTA National Convention in Dallas slated for March 31-April 3, Dr. Eugenie C. Scott, Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education, Inc., and Dr. Gerald Skoog, Paul Whitfield Horn Professor, College of Education, Texas Tech University and former NSTA President, will give back-to-back presentations on the topic. To search the Dallas convention agenda for these and all NSTA sessions, go to http://www.nsta.org/conventiondetail&Meeting_Code=2005DAL.


Just in Time for Spring: Dig In! Hands-On Soil Investigations from NSTA Press Available at 30% Online Discount; Must-Have Best Sellers Announced

The second title offered under our new special online-only book promotion will be available starting tomorrow, March 1. And it’s the perfect book for K-4 teachers looking for lesson plans and activities that will take the class outside this spring for some hands-on exploration correlated with the NSES. For more, and to order, go to http://www.nsta.org/onlinespecial2.

Also noteworthy is NSTA’s just-released annual Best Seller list featuring 10 titles that merit a place on the savvy science teacher’s bookshelves. Leading the list is Force & Motion, http://store.nsta.org/showItem.asp?product=PB169X1, the first book in the highly acclaimed Stop Faking It! Finally Understanding Science So You Can Teach It (SFI) series for grades 3-8 teachers, followed by Energy, http://store.nsta.org/showItem.asp?product=PB169X2, second title in that series.

Our number three best-seller is the Safety in the Elementary Science Classroom flipchart, http://store.nsta.org/showItem.asp?product=PB030X2, then Light, http://store.nsta.org/showItem.asp?product= PB169X3, also of the SFI series.

Number five is Learning Science and the Science of Learning, http://store.nsta.org/showItem.asp?product=PB158X, the collection of essays bringing the theories of the NRC’s landmark study to life.

Number six is NSTA Pathways to the Science Standards—Elementary, http://store.nsta.org/showItem.asp?product=PB124X, the essential guide to putting the Standards into action; and another SFI title, Sound http://store.nsta.org/showItem.asp?product=PB169X4, fills the number seven slot.

Help! I’m Teaching Middle School Science http://store.nsta.org/showItem.asp?product=PB170X, is number eight, followed by Everyday Assessment in the Science Classroom http://store.nsta.org/showItem.asp?product=PB172X, in ninth place.

Rounding out the top ten is The Lingo of Learning: 88 Education Terms Every Science Teacher Should Know, http://store.nsta.org/showItem.asp?product=PB179X, whose very title explains its popularity. To browse these and other innovative and practical NSTA Press books for science educators, go to http://store.nsta.org/showMultipleItems.asp?category=63.


FDA and NSTA Offer Summer Professional Development Events for Middle, High School Science Educators

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and NSTA will present a professional development program in Food Science this summer in two separate, week-long sessions in Washington, D.C., for middle school (July 10-16) and high school (July 24-30) science teachers. Consistent with the National Science Education Standards, the programs will offer multidimensional sustained professional development, including content updates by food science specialists; visits to government/industry facilities; presentations by government and industry leaders; hands-on practice with new curriculum materials and exchange of teaching and learning strategies. Travel, lodging, and meal expenses will be paid for science educators selected to participate in the two programs. Deadline for applications is March 18. For additional information and to apply, go to http://www.nsta.org/fda, or e-mail cneville@nsta.org.


Looking for FREE Stuff? NSTA Reports Teachers’ Grab Bag is Online

Well, you’ve just hit the jackpot. NSTA Reports ever-popular column—Teachers’ Grab Bag—is on the web. NSTA Reports is NSTA's source of news for and about science education, published six times a year for NSTA members only. Check out http://www.nsta.org/resourcesgrabbag where you can find hundreds of free and almost free items such as videos, publications, CD-ROMs, lab kits, and more.


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